To believe or not to believe, that is the question

Topic: Immigration, asylum, refugee status, Migrationsverket. To apply for asylum is a core human right, an individual who fears for his/her life due to for example: political activity, religious beliefs, gender/sexual orientation reasons, or other individual reasons, may seek asylum in Sweden via the Migrationsverket (Swedish Migration Agency). If the individual can sufficiently establish that [Read more]

Current affairs 2021-12-01

Migrationsverket- stops deporting Tigrayans to Ethiopia

The Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) has stopped the deportation of Tigrayans to Ethiopia as a result of the latest developments in the country. The article can be found here: Migrationsverket stoppar utvisning av tigreaner till Etiopien | SVT Nyheter

Current affairs 2021-11-20

“To settle or not to settle, that is the question.”

Two parties to a claim in the civil law courts of Sweden, may settle at almost any time during the court process. Parties may settle during the pre-trial hearing (muntlig förberedelse), or prior to or even at the start of the main trial (huvudförhandling). The courts often and regularly inquire with the parties about the [Read more]

Current affairs 2021-11-14

Askari Juristbyrå welcomes a new colleague

Askari Juristbyrå welcomes Dino Amorelli Federico. Dino is a newly qualified lawyer from Stockholm University. During his studies he was part of Asylrättsstudenterna i Stockholm (a student association dedicated towards asylum and human rights), he also worked as a Coordinator at the Svenska Nätverket för Europarättsforskning.

Current affairs 2021-10-31

Residence permit (family) granted after a 2-year battle following a court ruling in favour of the Appellant.

It delights us incredibly that a client whose case has been ongoing for the last two years, following a denial by the Migrationsverket, subsequently following appeal process, has been granted residence permit.   The case concerned: A family residency application (uppehållstillstånd på grund av anknytning). The spouse, a Swedish citizen sought to bring his partner [Read more]

Current affairs 2021-10-14

Current events in the legal world

Askari Juristbyrå (lawfirm) will endevour to publish the latest events in the legal world, with regards to: publications, case laws, and other news. In relation to Immigration law, Civil and Commercial law.

Current affairs 2021-10-02