work permit

Are you an employer who wants to hire a person from abroad, is it a first time application, or an extension application.

If you intend to invest money and start a company in Sweden.

We can handle the entire application process for you, as an employer and/or employee.


In accordance with international law, if you apply for asylum in Sweden you will most likely be entitled to a legal counsel (offentligt biträde), the right is yours to choose a counsel listed with the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket). Should you choose Askari Juristbyrå, we will look after the entirety and ensure you are given most diligent and comprehensive care and representation.

Family residency

Does your elderly parent live abroad and you intend to bring him/her to you, or are you married with a foreigner you wish to live with you in Sweden. If you are not aware of the application procedure, required documentation or conditions, you may contact us for further information.

Student permit

If you intend to study in Sweden; language courses, university degrees, masters and/or PhD.

With a power of attorney you grant us responsibility to manage the application procedure.