Work permit

Work permit: First time application for an employee outside of Sweden and/or the EU.

Work permit-extension applications: Employees and companies who intend to extend the period of employment. 

Work permit as an entrepreneur (self-employed): Either invest in another company and obtain shares as a shareholder, or start a company from scratch. We represent such parties working in the following fields: IT, construction, hotel and restaurant, consultants and sales. 

Contact us for an initial consultation, we will take care of the entire process as the legal representative. Preparing applications , submitting the necessary documentation, follow up the case from start until finish. In essence ensure the clients case is well taken care off. 

Family reunification / Residence permit for studies / EU citizens

Family reunification: For couples and married couples, children- and parents, intending to settle and live in Sweden. An area of law where regular changes and new conditions are enacted, we take on the responsibility as legal representatives to ensure that the application meets the conditions and requirements.

Student residence permit: Studies at university level. Bachelors, Masters and PhD students. And students who have finished their studies who intend to apply for the job-seeking visa allowing students time to find a job after completion of studies.

Swedes and spouses migrating to Sweden after years abroad: For Swedes and their spouses or family members who have lived outsidee of Sweden, with the intentions of re-settling in Sweden.

Third country citizens with residence permit in other EU countries: A third country citizen (citizen of a country outside of the EU) who has a residence permit card in a EU country, and intends to settle in Sweden because of work (employment or self-employment) has to follow a certain route to obtain a legitimate status and residence permit card in Sweden.




Asylum - Human rights

Arvand Askari takes on cases as a Offentligt biträde (legal representative appointed by the Swedish Migration Agency). Cases regarding asylym and human rights: Seeking refuge in Sweden due to persecution and infringement of human rights. An asylum seeker in Sweden has the right to present his/her case with the support of a legal representative and thus seek refugee status due to fear of persecution.