New guidelines published with regards to the situation in Afghanistan

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan this summer brought a great deal of uncertainty on how the new situation would affect Afghans currently in Sweden. The Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) implemented a general halt to both decision-making and enforcement on cases regarding Afghanistan, meaning that new decisions and deportations were temporarily stopped.

Migrationsverket has now presented new guidelines for how the situation should be handled, and simultaneously lifted the decision and deportation-halt.

Information to people who have previous rejections in their applications to reside in Sweden

The new security situation in Afghanistan has been deemed a “new circumstances” which makes you eligible for anew application process, and review of the needs for protection.  

This applies in particular if the threat against you has increased as a consequence of the introduction of Sharia Law, the worsened protection of Human Rights, or the inability to seek refuge by internal flight.  

Information to those who have expulsion-orders from Migrationsverket

Migrationsverket assesses that it no longer exists a general obstacle to deport people to Afghanistan. Simultaneously Migrationsverket has assessed that the possibility to live safe and freely in parts of Afghanistan i.e internal flight can not be deemed safe and adequate, and thus only in exceptional circumstances will it be a reasonable option.

People of Afghan decent and/or previously residing in Afghanistan, can apply to re-open their cases by way of (VUT Verkställighetshinder), in essence a request to have your case tried anew.

If you have an expulsion-order, you should immediately apply for an individual halt (verkställighetshinder) to your deportation and ask for your case to be re-tried.  

If you have any questions regarding how your specific situation has changed with the new guidelines from Migrationsverket? Do you have questions regarding a re-trial of your case? Do you need help with applying for an individual halt to your expulsions order?

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