The war in Ukraine and Human rights

The 3d of March 2022, the European union activated the Temporary Protection Directive for the first time in history. The directive makes a clear exception to the normally daunting and time-consuming Swedish asylum-process, where individual reasons for protection are assessed. Instead, Ukrainian citizens and those with permanent residence in Ukraine may seek protection and be granted an automatic residence permit in Sweden for up to three years (1 year + 2 years of extension). The permit also gives right to work in Sweden.

Although the temporary nature of the residence permit, a Ukrainian citizen or resident may apply for the traditional asylum status during any time of their stay in Sweden. In that case, the normal procedure will be applied.

As lawyers acting in the best interest of our clients and those who seek international protection, we welcome the activation of the directive to save lives and allow people protection from the horrors of war.

You are more than welcome to contact us if you or anyone you know have arrived or is trying to get to Sweden to seek protection and want to know any information about your rights or have any question about the legal process.

If you don’t have the possibility to talk in English or Swedish, we have the possibility to book a translator.

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More information: The situation in Ukraine – Swedish Migration Agency (