Deportation of a musician to Iran prevented

An Iranian citizen who sought residence permit due to asylum reasons in Sweden, was denied asylum. As Migrationsverket considered his asylum reasons to be inadequate.

Askari Law firm initiated an application (verkställighetshinder) to prevent the deportation of the musician and succeeded. In Iran there was no doubt that the musician would face imminent risk of torture and other inhuman treatment.

Thanks to the verkställighetshindersanmälan (request to prevent deportation and assess the case anew) which was submitted to Migrationsverket (Swedish migration agency) the mans deportation was stopped by the Migrationsdomstolen (immigration tribunal) which was of the opinion that the musical work of the person and its spread via social media (instagram, twitter etc) meant that a real risk was apparent of torture and ill treatment in Iran.

The lawyer Arvand Askari acted as his legal representative and proved before the authorities, that a musician who openly criticises the mullah led regime in Iran, and voices harsh critique with artistic work, faces a real threat of torture and execution.


An individual who has been denied residence permit (uppehållstillstånd), presents new circumstances and/or new evidence to support his/her case, to be assessed by Migrationsverket (Swedish migration agency). The new circumstances should they be of adequate nature, may result in a deportation-stop and potentially a residence permit/uppehållstillstånd.

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